Wednesday, April 4, 2012

High Protein, High Fat

I seem to miss the habit window and stray to other things.
Distractions. Oh, how tempting they are.
This April I promised myself that I would eliminate dairy for inflammation and hormonal balance.

I will start a regular exercises regimen.
I will eat foods that nourish me.
I will breathe through my cravings and write about them.

Nutrition today:

Handful of Cashews and black coffee
Walk the dogs, 5 min sun salutations
Green Shake
Shower and dress for work.

Lunch time beef stew with avocado

After work: Cashews
Dinner will be Chicken and broccoli with a glass of red wine.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Try, Try Again!

In my late 20's I became a runner and workout fanatic. I was loaded with anxiety during that time and running was a great drug. I taught Group Ride and Centergy classes in the Boston area while in grad school. I was also a conscious and healthy eater.

Now, in my late 30's I am passionate about working out. Except for yoga, I do not practice or sweat everyday! What happened? Where did my motivation go? I no longer live with the anxiety of my 20's and early 30's. Is this the answer to my inactivity? Or is it the 40 hour desk job? Perhaps its a combination.

In 5 weeks I plan to run my first 10K. It's been nearly one year since my last race, the 1/2 marathon. Last year's I engaged in a 60 day paleo challenge and ate very clean! No processed foods, dairy and wheat products. I was trim, fit and felt amazing! I look in the mirror today and I see a softer, more tired body. The once beautifully defined arms, legs and abs have disappeared. As I approach my 40's I have to try, try again to stay fit.

Yesterday's conversation with my health coach about the upcoming race alarmed me. He said that I am more prone to injuries since I haven't ran or seriously worked out since last year. He told me to take it slow at first, eat a lot of veggies, especially Kale, and sweat everyday.

So as a gift of a healthy life to myself, I will try, try again.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Wonder Woman vs. Reality

I've often asked myself, why do we do the things we do? But more curiously why do we stop doing the things we used to do? Behavior becomes a pattern woven into the fabric that covers the bed of our history.

Girl, who in the earlier part of last year was strong into CrossFit, found herself this Friday afternoon after a 4o hour work week stepping onto a million dollar track and field course at her local university, training for her first-ever half marathon. With only four weeks to the start date, she forced herself to think about that training left to do. In truth, she just began her training. Crazy? Yes.

Impossible? Hmm?

My decision to run the 13.1 mile race was not based on reality. It was based on memories of the past and hopes for the future. Except for the long hikes with the dogs in the hills behind my apartment

Saturday, July 17, 2010

When You Want Something So Badly, Just Do It!

In previous blogs I talked about leaving Boston, leaving behind my very active lifestyle and gaining 9 pounds due to my reduced activities. Eventually, I found CrossFit and have once again enjoyed the pain and pleasure of working out and sculpting a better body. Even with a good ass whooping from CrossFit, I still felt that I needed something more. As a certified Group Ride instructor, I missed the benefits of a great spin session. So, to satisfy my longing to ride, I finally gave in and joined a fitness club that offered a plethora of group classes, including spin. I felt like a kid going to Disney Land. I blew the dust off my spin shoes, packed my gym bag with a water bottle and a towel and drove to the gym for an ass whooping workout.

It was 102 degrees outside but the spin studio was a bit cooler and dim. After the instructor helped me adjust my bike, I clumsily clipped into the peddles and settled in for the ride. What joy to be riding high again, pushing against resistance, peddling hard and fast, drenching my towel with sweat, struggling for breath and halfway up the first hard climb wondering when this self induced torture will be over.

After an hour, the ride was finally over. I lowered the resistance to a slow and easy spin, sat up high on the seat, gulped the last of my water and waited for my breath to return to normal. Drenched in sweat, i unclipped and stretched my overworked muscles. I felt fulfilled, satiated and completely at peace. Walking back to my car I was already planning my next spin session.

Don't wait to do what you love because waiting will only make it harder. Find what you love to do and just do it!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

10K Training

I will run my first 10K race in Anchorage, Alaska on Saturday, August 7th. Back in Boston I used to run 8 and 10 milers just for the fun of it. But since moving to California, my running has become almost non existent. So, when I discovered the 10K race scheduled during my Alaskan vacation, I decided that it was a great excuse to start running again, seriously.

Yesterday was day one of my training. I had a rough plan and ran intervals for 3 miles up and down Magnolia street. In addition to CrossFit training, which claims to 'punish the specialist', I plan to wedge in several runs per week, maybe even on CrossFit training days. The morning Sean will run it with me.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Fitter Everyday

Today's wod was a lot of fun but it was also a lot of work.